I’m a photographer specializing in Uber bondage scenarios.

I consider myself a street photographer. With huge links to the fetish realms.


Information For Models and Clients

My Contact details

Mobile: 07901727185
Photography website (work safe) –
Photography website (not work safe) –


Studio Details

IMPORTANT – We must contact each other before the shoot can be arranged. I use many different studios and dungeons. This is all to be discussed and arranged prior to the shoot.

Currently using
5 Robin Hood Street
Cheetham Hill
M8 9JG
  • Unless we have communicated relatively recently I will normally text 2-3 days before the shoot to confirm everything is OK and check if there are any last minute questions or issues. If I don’t get a reply in a reasonable time I will try to contact you by any other methods you have given me. If I still don’t get a reply then I shall probably assume the shoot is cancelled and try and book something else. So if you haven’t heard from me by the day before the shoot I recommend you contact me to confirm in case I am having problems getting hold of you.
  • I accept that occasionally there are emergencies or other circumstances where we have to rearrange or cancel the shoot. But the more notice I have the more chance I have to work with you to make the shoot a success despite any problems or if that isn’t practical then arrange to use my limited photography time for something else. So if there is a problem or potential problem please let me know as soon as possible. Or I might be a bit annoyed.
  • I want you to be happy both with the shoot and the photographs. It is also important you feel comfortable and safe. So if you have any issues or concerns please tell me and if you have questions or are unsure please ask. The best way to resolve any issue is normally honest and frank communication. Therefore do not feel obligated, guilty or embarrassed. Ever. This applies before, during and after the shoot.

The pictures

Unless agreed otherwise then…
  • I agree to give you a copy of all the pictures I select and edit from the shoot for your private use and portfolio.
  • I won’t use any non-Facebook safe images without your approval of the actual pictures I propose to use and how I propose to use them. There is absolutely no obligation to say yes and it is perfectly OK to say no, agree to some pictures only and/or agree to specific uses only.
  • If either of us want to use the pictures for anything else then this needs to be agreed.
  • If one of us is wanting to sell the pictures for money then I would expect this to be fair. So if I was selling the pictures then I’d expect to pay you either a reasonable share of the profit or a reasonable hourly rate as if I’d hired you as a model. Or if you were selling the pictures then visa versa.
  • If your proposed use is not for profit then I still expect you to ask my permission but I wouldn’t normally say no.

Delivery of images…

  • I aim to select and edit images in 1 week but please allow 2 in case I have other commitments that make this difficult. If I’m going to have an issue meeting this timescale I’ll let you know.
  • Unless otherwise agreed I will put the photos in a private gallery of my website and send you a link you can use to view the photos and a password you can use to download the full resolution version for your own use. You are welcome to share the link but I would strongly recommend you don’t share the download password if there are non-Facebook safe images.
  • I will only provide photos to the people in those photos. They are of course free to show them to whom ever they like.
  • If you share the link and then realise this was a mistake. Or it becomes an issue then please contact me and I will lock down the gallery as quickly as practical and then agree with you the best way forward.

Legal and Safety

  • You must be 18+ and unless this is VERY obvious then you must bring ID so I can confirm this. If I’m not 100% sure you are 18+ I can’t take any pictures (even Facebook friendly) and I will have to cancel the shoot and send you home.
  • If you have any relevant medical conditions or there is any other information I should know that might affect your safety or wellbeing please let me know.
  • You are welcome to ask for and check references. You have my permission to contact anyone you are aware I have photographed to “check me out”.
  • I expect you to let someone know where you are, who you are with, what you are doing, how you are getting home and when you are expected back. If we are running late it’s our joint responsibility to remember to let them know so they don’t worry.
  • Please leave you mobile on and the ringer turned up so you can be contacted. If your battery is low let me know, I have chargers for popular types in the studio.
  • Please also let your contact know my mobile number as backup. A good way to do this is to link them to this page so they have all my contact details and the studio address.
  • I’d appreciate it if you would text me to let me know you are safely home after the shoot.

Booking a Shoot

  • To confirm a booking I need your full real name, a mobile number and the agreed date/time.
  • My diary fills fast so I generally recommend that once we know we want to do a shoot together that you enquire about my availability and we agree a date/time.
  • Other details can be confirmed later but we should probably aim to do this by 1 week before the shoot.

Confirming details

Some questions we should probably both know the answer to!

Arriving / leaving…

  • Where are we meeting?
  • How are you are getting there?
  • How you are getting home safely?
  • Do I need to drop you somewhere?
  • When do you need to leave or if I’m dropping somewhere when you need to be there?

The shoot…

  • Have we agree ideas or themes for the shoot?
  • Have we agreed what you will bring? (Outfits, lingerie, shoes, accessories and/or props.)
  • Have we agreed anything I will bring? (Other than the obvious camera, etc.)
  • If the shoot involves non-Facebook safe images then have we discussed and agreed what you and your partner (if you have one) are comfortable with? (This doesn’t mean we can’t agree to be flexible depending on how you feel on the day.)